The most beautiful football game ever created.

The playable art gallery

Kampion is a football card game with beautiful artwork from worldwide artists.

Each card is created by a talented illustrator, representing a footballer he or she admires. It's a playable art gallery and an item that can be used both as a game and as a collector's item.

The game currently has over 300 different cards from over 200 artists from all corners of the world.

Deck #1, is available for sale and ships worldwide. It was produced at Cartamundi - the world's biggest playing card manufacturer - with premium paper, which gives the cards an incredible texture, making it great to handle in these digital times.

We believe a game should not only be pretty to see, nice to handle, but also fun to play. That is why we created multiple game modes, to make the game both enjoyable as well as challenging for parents to play with their kids and adults to battle among each other. The rulebook can be downloaded here > https://tinyurl.com/kampion-rulebook

Good gaming!

"…the mega-designs piqued FFT’s interest. From cubist Vincent Company to an apocalyptic zombie Vinnie Jones [...] each design - by a different artist, so you never get bored - is blooming’ brilliant."

FourFourTwo UK

“…it’s really exciting to see a project like this fantastic collaborative effort [...] a unique soccer card game featuring gorgeous illustrations from artists across the globe.”

The Inspiration Grid

"There have been several times in my life when I’ve run across something that I didn’t even know I wanted. [...] The Kampion card game fits right into this category."

World Soccer Talk

“Football is an art form. But this one is meant to be played with the hands […] over 200 cards that are part of a game that seems like an art gallery.”

Jornal i

About Us

From Portugal to the world. Kampion was created in 2014 by Lourenço Cunha, an advertising creative and illustration enthusiast. He created the first card with his weak talent, and then asked some artist friends to contribute. They passed the word along and suddenly the game had over 300 cards from more than 150 worldwide artists. And still growing. If you are an illustrator and want to join the community, get in touch below.